About Luckindecor

Luckindecor Works With You

Luckindecor has been in business since 2012. We bring value to our customers by sourcing and supplying tissue paper, crepe paper, printed paper, silicone paper, wax paper, etc.

We have invested heavily to build our own factory,  to produce papercrafts including confetti, shredded paper, pinata, paper garland, and more.

Luckindecor’s aim is to supply businesses with a large range of paper products to meet their needs. We also intend to be a reliable and affordable manufacturer of paper crafts while complying with the industry environment and worker safety standards.

Since 2012, we have been serving numerous clients and business owners across the world. This includes retail distributors and event planners. As we continue to expand our catalog, we are forging new bonds with more businesses.

As A Supplier

We Share What We Consider The Best

At Luckindecor, we do not just find any paper products we see in the market and sell it to our clients.

We source only the ones that we can verify are made with quality raw materials or the ones we use for our products. As we are a manufacturer that specializes in making paper party decorations, we have the authority and qualification to tell the quality of their raw material.

It is our aim to be the one-stop-shop, where you can get all necessary paper products for various needs.

As A Manufacturer

We Make Custom Products Perfectly.

When you order any of our products, Luckindecor makes sure that you are fully involved with the process. It is our philosophy that a satisfied client has a hand-on approach to the whole process of creating custom products.

Our own factory is fully equipped for designing and printing a large variety of paper products, which allows us to produce a large number of custom orders in a short period.

  • • maximum production capacity of 500 tons per year
  • • 10 conventional production lines
  • • 25~30 days delivery

Our Mission

“Make The World Shine With Colors”

Luckindecor aims to be a reliable B2B paper producer to fulfill any business needs across the globe.

We keep exploring the product ranges and strengthening our service quality to add value to your orders and help to build a reputable brand for your business.


Our Team

Luckindecor’s employees in all departments have in-depth knowledge of producing and delivering high quality paper-made products.

When treating your orders and fulfilling designs, every member of our staff expertly understands your needs since they are given comprehensive training to perform their duties. It is our everyday practice to accomplish the company’s mission of supplying you with quality paper products.

Our team guarantees our clients can feel safe conducting business with Luckindecor following the global business ethics and our awareness of protecting intellectual property.

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