Pinatas are the life of any party, there is no better way to celebrate than to hit the pinata and get all the goodies inside. Pinatas are a birthday favorite but can be used in any kind of party or celebration. Our piñatas are made from high-quality papers which can be customized according to your preferred size and shapes, which can be formed as numbers, letters, animal figures and many more.

Luckindecor is a customized pinata supplier, allowing you to design your pinata any way you like. Our custom made pinatas include mini donkey pinatas, smilie pinatas, star-shaped pinatas, and many more. You can choose the shape, size, color, and finish of the pinata and we will design it for you. Not sure what your wholesale pinatas will look like? Don’t worry, we’ll send you a free sample pinata so you know exactly what you’re getting. Order larger and mini pinatas at wholesale prices today.

Normal Pinata

Custom-made pinatas that can bring joy and life to any kind of party.
MOQ: 2000PCS

Mini Pinata

Small in size but just as fun, wholesale mini pinatas for every occasion.
MOQ: 2000PCS

Custom Pinatas

Luckindecor accepts all order of custom pinatas that add fun in parties.

• Material: paper

• Size: depending on different shapes

• Shapes: unicorn, dinosaur, donkey pinata, mermaid, football, letter pinata and more.

• Color: red/ blue/ green /purple etc…

• Packing: 1 set per box or customized

Fitting all applications like halloween, christmas and birthday parties, our pinatas come in small sizes and regular sizes. Learn how to get your custom pinatas here in Luckindecor.

3 Steps To Get Your Custom Pinata


Browse Quote

Choose from our wide range of Pinata of high quality and get our experts by your side for quick quotation.


Get Your Sample

We bring your design into reality within a day. You can confirm the sample and proceed the project asap.


Order & Receive

Enjoy our door-to-door delivery. Place your order and get your bulk Pinata without even stepping outside.

Professional Consultation That Helps

Luckindecor offers free reviews on your pinata design drawings. A slight modification on the draft helps to save material cost as well as speed up the lead time, while your design remains as attractive as what you expect.

Our experts know the market needs exactly and are able to present advice on color selection, theme matching and packaging styles. Cooperating with Luckindecor means a more secure market share.

Pinata Manufacturer Standing By

We know how imprtant the lead time is for a supermarket to catch the sale peek of pinatas. Therefore we promise a quick delivery ahead of any festival that shows a high demand for pinatas.

Luckindecor has its own factory to handle all urgent and high volume orders from all parts of the world. Our standardized workflow in selecting the material, die cutting, gluing, packaging and shipping earns every customer crucial time over their customers.

Besides being super quick in delivery, you can definitely rest assured about our pinata’s quality.

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