Paper Honeycomb

These Honeycomb tissue balls are made of premium quality tissue paper. Use several honeycomb balls in different colors and sizes to create a layered effect in your party room! Use as a centerpiece, hang from the ceiling, or open against a wall. You’ll love the patriotic honeycomb ball decorations.

They are available in a number of different colors and we can make customized shaped, sizes honeycomb ball as well. Our Honeycomb ball have vivid colors that do not bleed, Buy Honeycomb ball at wholesale prices today.

Tissue Paper Honeycomb

Use tissue paper honeycomb balls for any event, they look amazing at birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and more!


Custom Tissue Paper Honeycomb

offers customization service, allowing you to mix and match with themed or other solid color decorations for birthday, holiday, graduation or sports party!

Check out our customization options and see how you can differentiate your products from others:

• Material : MG or MF colorful tissue paper

• Size: 5 ”/ 6”/ 8”/ 10” /12”/ 14”/ 15”/ 16”/ 18 ”/ 20

• Color: As per our MG or MF color chart

• Packing: 1pc /2pcs / 3pcs 6pcs per bag etc.

Deck out every party space for your customers with our custom paper pom poms!

3 Steps To Get Your Custom Paper Pom Poms


Browse Quote

Choose from our wide range of Paper Pom Poms of high quality and get our experts by your side for quick quotation.


Get Your Sample

We bring your design into reality within a day. You can confirm the sample and proceed the project asap.


Order & Receive

Enjoy our door-to-door delivery. Place your order and get your bulk paper pom poms without even stepping outside.

Luckindecor’s Exclusive Consulting Service

Sourcing tissue paper honeycomb from Luckindecor means you can save more energy and time, since Luckindecor serves as your marketing department by advising product mix, color and material choosing.

Count on Luckindecot’s experience, as we are confident to say that our advice on products helps to sell. This has put us ahead of our peers. Your cooperation with Luckindecor guarantees you a secured market share with our quality paper pom poms.

Tissue Paper Honeycomb Manufacturer Standing By

Luckindecor combines high efficiency printing machine and craftsmanship in the process of making tissue paper honeycomb. Our experienced designers and workers work together to bring you the fine quality paper pom poms.

Our comprehensive processes include:

• Design reviewing

• Color verification

• Mold making

• Die cutting

• Packaging and delivery

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