Square meters of manufacturing area



Specialized and high productivity production lines


Tons of paper-based crafts made each year

High Productivity 12 Colors Printing Machine

To meet an increasing demand from all parts of the world, Luckindecor upgraded our productivity by introducing the most sophisticated machine to handle the order.

The machine helps to print as many as 12 colors at a time, which greatly enhances our daily output. This empowers us to serve more clients within the prescribed timeframe.


Incoming Paper Inspection

We provide your business with free pre-sales consultation to help you sell your confetti.

Not only do we show you samples of our products but we also give you professional advice on product selection. This includes color recommendation, color matching, and theme-based color matching that fits various holidays.

You may call on us for our expertise and we guarantee that we will translate your design ideas into a marketable product. We guarantee quick feedback and quality delivery. Contact us now.


Printing Fast & Fine

In each manufacturing step, Luckindecor’s own factory takes special care to meet the customization needs of your paper confetti.

We select the finest tissue paper/crepe paper as the raw material for making confetti.

With the tailored mold, we take your design into reality by die cutting. Check out how we operate the procedure with care and caution.


Further Processing At Your Service

Our specialized machine and experienced technicians ensure that waterproof, fire retardant and colorfast features are made possible as requested.


Accurate Die Cutting In One Take

Using tailored molds from our close supplier, the shape of paper crafts can be made exactly as you designed with ZERO defective rate.

Our cooperative mold making company boasts a high reputation within the industry, meaning your custom products are produced at the most effective pace.


Worry-free Packaging and Shipment

Our factory has specialized workshops for packaging and outgoing products. Before the finished products are sent to the packaging workshop, we will have a random inspection on the goods to avoid color deviation.

With all inspected paper products, our team of packaging staff will put your products into the custom packaging as per requested.

Your order is delivered to the warehouse in moderate temperature and humidity to keep safe storage.


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