Tassel Garland

Decorate your parties in style with our wholesale tassel garlands. Available in a number of fun colors, tassel garlands are a great way to decorate a space in no time. You can hang them from a string or directly on the wall. They are easy to assemble and you can easily store and reuse them. What makes us unique from others is that we produce high-quality products even though we just give it a friendly and affordable price.

Our tassel garlands are made from whole wood pulp paper that is responsibly sourced. We use post-processing techniques to ensure our tassel garlands have true colors and no color-bleeding. Order wholesale tassel garlands today, each set includes 5 to 8 pieces or can be customized to your needs

Paper Tassel Garland

Decorate your parties with paper tassel garlands, available in different colors.
MOQ: 500 pcs

Metallic Foil Garland

High-shine and reflective metal foil garlands for all kinds of party decoration.
MOQ: 500 pcs

Custom Tassel Garland

All tassel garlands are available in various material (tissue paper, metallic foil), shapes, height and theme of party decorations.

Decide the tassel banners of your brand taking the following options into considerations:

• Color: white/ red/ green/ blue/ rainbow tassel as per PANTONE

• Package: 5pcs/ 8pcs per set

• Theme: Helloween, Birthday, Valentine’s design and more.

3 Steps To Get Your Custom Tassel Garland


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Choose from our wide range of Tassel Garland of high quality and get our experts by your side for quick quotation.


Get Your Sample

We bring your design into reality within a day. You can confirm the sample and proceed the project asap.


Order & Receive

Enjoy our door-to-door delivery. Place your order and get your bulk Tassel Garland without even stepping outside.

Professional Consultation That Helps

Contact and get free pre-sales consultation from Luckindecor. We do not merely produce, but also aim at helping you sell your products.

Before we can make you samples of tissue garlands, we seek to give you professional advice on the design to fit specific scenarios. Such advice includes color recommendation, color matching and theme-based color matching that fits various holidays.

You may call on us for our expertise and we guarantee that we will translate your design ideas into a marketable product. We guarantee quick feedback and quality delivery. Contact us now.

Tassel Garland Manufacturer

Manufacturing quality tassel garlands is greatly dependent on the material chosen.

With our years of experience in manufacturing paper party decorations, we maintain close relationships with the top supplier of tissue paper and crepe paper.

They supply raw material made of 100% wood pulb to Luckindecor at a reasonable price. Therefore we can cut down the cost for you and offer the custom tassel garland at a competitive price.

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