Metallic Foil Confetti

You can throw metallic confetti into the air, and their smooth surface will capture and reflect light, making them very shiny. A lot of metallic confetti can be a good festive atmosphere.

Metallic confetti can be used as a filler for balloons and will float in the air the moment the balloon explodes. It can also be placed directly on the table as a table decoration to enhance the party atmosphere.

  • Size: 0.39″(11cm) | 1″(2.5cm) 
  • Package: 10g per opp bag.
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Red etc.
  • Application: Whether you’re organizing your kid’s birthday party, a even a small get-together for a colleague who’s retiring, or a wild bachelorette night for your best friend, there’s no celebration, big or small, that confetti wouldn’t make better!

Metallic Foil Confetti


Make your event extra special with our metallic foil confetti! Sold in bulk, the metallic confetti is designed to float in the air for long periods of time.

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