Import Paper Christmas Decorations & Tree Ornaments from China

If you are an importer of Christmas decorations & tree ornaments and want to import them from China, then this will help reveal a lot about the industry. As a professional paper party supplies & craft company in China, We provide you with more categories of paper products including paper Christmas decorations, paper tree ornaments, paper lanterns, paper furniture and more.

What is paper Christmas decorations & tree ornaments?

The paper Christmas decorations & tree ornaments are a beautiful addition to any home, office or classroom. The colorful, fun and various designs will add a touch of holiday cheer to any space. They’re sturdy and won’t tear when folded, cut, or crinkled. The magnets make it easy to hang the ornaments on a Christmas tree. The paper ornaments can be folded into different shapes, such as heart, angel, Christmas tree, stars and more. You can also use them as decorations for special occasions such as wedding or birthday parties.

How to make paper Christmas decorations & tree ornaments?

Material:durable paper, glue, gold dust (option), magnet.

Size: 10 – 100 cm.

Color: red, brown, kraft, white or from color card.

Shape: Christmas tree, onion, angel, heart, any shape can be customized.

1. Fold and cut durable paper.

2. Divide into even sections. The closer the lines the more cells honeycomb ball will have.

3. Tape guide to work surface.

4. Pick a colour, started with the blue and traced the glue stick gently along this line. Do the same for all the blue lines.

5. Lay next sheet of tissue paper on top and press down.

6. On your next sheet run your glue stick over the pink lines and stick down another sheet of durable paper on top.

7. Keep layering up your durable paper sheets alternating between the pink and blue lines as you go until you have a stack of 50 sheets.

8. Cut with a shape die.

10. Cut 2 arches out of the card.

11. Glue the arches down to each side of durable paper sheets.

12. Poke a hole using an awl or strong needle through the bottom and top of your tissue paper/card stack.

13. Thread some cotton through the holes and tie in a loose knot.

14. Hang your durable paper honeycomb balls from the knotted thread and enjoy.

Where to buy the paper Christmas decorations & tree ornaments

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